About project

From January 15, 2019, the implementation of the two-year IPA Project "Support to the Implementation of Anti-Corruption Strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina" funded by the European Union has begun. Project will provide assistance to AC bodies and institutions at all levels of BiH to raise the fight against corruption in the country at a higher and more engaged level. For easier recognition of the project title, its working name will be "Institutional Support to Anti-Corruption" (Institucionalna podrška antokorupciji) or abbreviated IPAK.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of institutions in BiH in implementing the anti-corruption strategies and related actions plans at the different levels of government with the aim to prevent, respectively reduce all forms of corruption in the country.

The purpose of the project is:

To further enhance the capacities of the relevant institutions in BiH to effectively coordinate and monitor the implementation of anti-corruption strategies and related action plans with an harmonised approach as well as to better address corruption in the private sector.

Where corruption prevention bodies, anti-corruption strategies and/or related action plans are not yet established on all levels of government in BiH the support shall also focus on their constitution.

Result 1 -The BiH Anti-Corruption Strategy 2015 – 2019 and Action Plan as well as anti-corruption strategies and action plans at all other levels of government of BiH are in place, implemented and monitored, in accordance with the proposed indicators for success.


Improvement of implementation of ACSs and APs and monitoring of implementation of ACSs and APs at all levels in BiH

Improvement of the fight against corruption in institutions particularly prone to corruption

Strengthening capacities for accurate and efficient monitoring of implementation of ACSs and APs at all levels

Improvement of existing ACSs and APs and recommendations for next ACS and AP of BiH

Delivery of trainings for implementation of ACSs and APs and monitoring of implementation of ACSs and APs at all level

Facilitation of coordination and synergy of CSOs activities in the fight against corruption

Support to establishment of anticorruption network in institutions and citizens reporting system at all levels

Consolidation, harmonization and streamlining of anticorruption legal framework at all levels

Result 2 -Prevention of corruption is strengthened in public service, including in the interaction with the private sector


Development of ethic infrastructures in public services and standards on ethic and integrity for the business sector

Support enhancing of transparency and ethics infrastructure in public services at all levels

Support to enhancement of transparency and ethics infrastructure in public services

Development of integrated standards to mitigate risk of corruption originating from private sector

Advocacy for adoption of integrated standards and delivery of trainings for business, public stakeholders and NGOs in this scope

Result 3 - Needs for training on communication and awareness raising in the context of preventing and repressing corruption are addressed.


Prepare model of AC communication strategy and prepare the base for awareness-raising campaign

Enhance capacities for communication on integrity, anticorruption and awareness raising and interaction with the media

Deliver trainings for communication on integrity, anticorruption, interaction with the media and awareness raising

Empowering media and civil society to educate public at large about the dangers and negative impact of corruption at the life of citizens

Prepare and launch awareness-raising campaign targeting citizens to counter corruption and establish AC ”Good Practice Award”

Project is being implemented by the Team consisting of:

- Graduated lawyer with special expertise regarding security issues, with almost 30 years of work experience at senior positions in four ministries, two NGOs (including being the Founder and President of TI Macedonia) and freelance consultant in the scope of anticorruption in last 12 years

- More than 20 years of the professional experience in a field related to the fight against corruption including assignments mainly in the region, e.g. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania;

- Recent and proven experience in management of 14 international projects related to anti-corruption in Macedonia and BiH, out of which two as a Team Leader of IPA anticorruption projects in BiH in last 6 years:

- “Supporting NGOs in the fight against corruption”2011 – 2013

- “Strengthening anti-corruption capacities and CSO networks in the area” 2014 – 2016

- Extensive experience in drafting different recommendations and guidelines related to anti-corruption policies, strategies and legislation (anti-corruption laws and by-laws) in the region including implementation of anti-corruption instruments, tools and measures gained during engagements on internationally funded projects and for Government and Non-Government Organizations;

- Vast experience in working with, counselling and monitoring of bodies dealing with anti-corruption such as Anti-corruption Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence in Macedonia, etc.;

- In-depth knowledge and familiarity with work of non-governmental organizations in the area of fighting corruption gained while working on international donor funded projects as well as for different organizations and ministries in charge of anti-corruption;

- Certified Management Consultant with almost 10 years of experience of training the business sector for advanced negotiation skills, ethics and integrity, relations with the governmental institutions and management issues.

  • Zlatko Minić, e-mail: zlatko.minic@ipak.ba Key Expert 2 – Communication and media expert for anti-corruption 

- More than 20 years of experience in public communication as journalist, deputy editor-in-chief in news agency and communication expert.

- 16 years of professional experience specialized in corruption-related topics through delivery of assistance to build institutional capacities of various anti-corruption bodies (among which is (ACAS) Anticorruption Agency of Serbia), mandated to prevent and fight corruption.

- Former member of (ACAS) Anticorruption Agency of Serbia’s Board, in charge for setting-up the ACAS, media department building, development communication strategy and awareness-raising campaigns.

- Previous Deputy Editor in Chief at Beta News Agency, editor of Beta’s regional anticorruption web portal Clean hands (Čiste ruke).

- Previous experience working for OSCE, Transparency International Serbia (TIS) and other international organizations and NGOs as anticorruption expert, lecturer, trainer, and communication expert. Additionally, served as expert for Serbian governmental bodies.

- 15 years of experience in training journalists, NGO representatives and institutions mandated to prevent and fight corruption in the following fields: journalism in general, NGO-media relations and communications, codes of ethics, corruption in general, conflict of interest, political party financing, free access to information, public procurements, public-private partnerships, anticorruption instruments, tools and measures.

- Experienced in drafting anti-corruption laws, strategies and action plans

- Experienced project management professional, due to the fact that for the last 10 years she has been engaged in various projects as Project Coordinator, Office Manager, Executive Assistant, and Project Assistant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Una has already worked for ECG as office manager on projects: “Strengthening Anti-corruption Capacities and CSO Networks in the Area” (2014 – 2016) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Technical Assistance to Successful NGOs from the Anti-corruption Grant Scheme 2009 (2011 – 2013) in BiH which enabled her to liaise with relevant stakeholder in the field of anticorruption.

- Her duties and responsibilities included organization and supervision of the administrative activities and facilitation of the smooth running of the project office, organization of trainings and meetings, coordination with beneficiaries, and reporting, among others. Furthermore, besides collaborating with various NGOs on numerous occasions, she was also engaged as a Junior Short-term expert regarding the development of a questionnaire for Employment Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a co-trainer in trainings for job counseling. Apart from Bosnian, Una is also fluent in English and German.

The interactive map of anti corruption bodies in Bosnia and Hercegovina