Overview of compliance of the legal framework for anti-corruption in BiH with relevant international standards

The review of the compliance of the anti-corruption regulatory framework in BiH with the reference international framework provides a normative and analytical basis for assessing the justification and level / scope of needs for improving the legal framework through its harmonization with international standards and mapping through recommendations for possible upgrades.

The review is limited to the normative comparative method, so it does not cover issues such as quality of implementation of anti-corruption mechanisms or issues of real independence of the competent anti-corruption bodies. The conformity assessment itself was performed according to the categories / areas identified as most important in the field of anti-corruption.


Srđan Blagovčanin, Senior Non-Key Expert,

Bojan Kovačević, Junior Non-Key Expert

This analysis was created within the IPA Project "Support to implementing anti-corruption strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina" (EuropeAid/139068/DH/SER/BA). This project is funded by the European Union.
The content of this analysis is the responsibility of the authors and the consortium led by ECG Summit and does not reflect the views of the European Union.